Strategies for Applying to USC Film School

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How to Enhance Your Skills

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Erwin Chargaff and the Record of Genetics

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How to Speak a Foreign Language – 7 Steps

It is undeniable that learning a new language is a lot of work: it means investing money, time, practice and motivation. Imagine being able to order a meal in a small restaurant on the other corner of the world without the fear of eating something you have no idea what it is, the fun of laughing at intimate jokes in a local pub, and the joy in knowing that you can comfortably ask for directions without the need of an interpreter. Here are several steps to speaking a foreign language:


Think about the real reason that makes you want to learn a new language; is it to advance your career, to impress friends or a desire to speak fluently in a new language? Are you learning how to speak Polish to go and work there? Whatever the reason may be it should be solid enough to make you want to endure this rigorous task to the end.


If you want to learn a new language real quick, be devoted to do something that enhances your skills in the language each day. It may mean listening to CDs, reading or writing. relevant domains . Remember when you become consistent in what you do concerning the language, it becomes a habit and eventually hard to break amounting to learning the language faster.


It is hard to forget doing something that you enjoy doing, if you love stand up comedies, your mind will always tend to remember the certain times when the programs start automatically. Therefore begin watching programs that you like in the targeted language and try to understand the jokes or issues aired on the programs. It is a fun way to learn as you watch, particularly if you are trying to learn Hindi or other languages with different sounds.


Communication involves all the four basics which involve listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you include all the four in your learning process your command in the language will be enhanced. But if you find that too demanding you may stick with what you enjoy so that you do not quit along the way.


The key to learning a new language is through immersion, you can travel to the country that speaks your targeted language or find local restaurants and pubs that speak and even offer entertainment in the language that you are learning. You will meet people with whom to practice with and also get an insight of the culture from which the language originates. This is particularly important if you’re learning how to speak Russian as everything is so different.


Be curious to learn what the more accomplished polyglots are doing in order to achieve success in their learning. You may be surprised that their tips and advice might come in handy as you learn the foreign language.


If you are learning a foreign language from native speakers, make sure to remember each word you are taught and use the words as you communicate with them. This will encourage you and the natives to help you learn more.